Month: March 2018

Sheepdogs Wanted

Erik Prince, RealClearPoliticsTwenty years ago, my team built RU Ready High School, a mock-up of a high school used to train police and emergency personnel to respond in active shooter events — really a place where society’s sheepdogs were trai…

Trump Is Gearing Up for 2020, and Dems Still Don’t Get It

Liz Peek, Fox NewsIt’s official: President Trump is running for re-election. He announced Tuesday that he has appointed Brad Parscale as his campaign manager and that planning for the 2020 race is underway.

Americans Say ‘No Gun Under 21’

Mark Penn, The HillGun legislation is one piece of a complex set of issues we need to tackle to deal with school shootings.

Trump’s Calls for Gun Action Upend Party Orthodoxy

Huey-Burns & Arkin, RCPPresident Trump appeared to endorse a variety of legislative gun proposals in a boardroom-style meeting Wednesday with a bipartisan groups of lawmakers, urging them to take a “comprehensive” approach to the …

Gun Meeting Proves Trump Can Have It Both Ways

Andrew Buncombe, IndependentIn the fourteen months Donald Trump has occupied the Oval Office, he has frequently acted in a way that has left many in the Republican Party horrified.

Donald Trump: Background checks will be ‘big part’ of talks on gun bill

President Trump said Thursday that background checks will be a “big part” of the coming discussion on gun control and a bill should be forthcoming. “Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yest…