Month: June 2018

Richard Gerson, Jared Kushner’s hedge-fund friend, under scrutiny in Robert Mueller probe: Report

A hedge-fund manager with ties to Jared Kushner has come to the attention of special counsel Robert Mueller for meetings he held with foreign officials and associates of then President-elect Donald Trump, according to NBC News. The exclusive report, wh…

IRS chief says Trump’s budget would sharply cut taxpayer service

For many years under the Obama administration, Republicans controlling Congress punished the Internal Revenue Service with budget cuts that resulted in horrible service for taxpayers. Although some service was restored, the Trump administration now plans service cuts so severe that about 40 percent of calls from taxpayers seeking telephone assistance would go unanswered. IRS acting commissioner […]

Road widening challenged for city’s lack of advance notice

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (AP) – Some south Georgia residents are challenging a road widening. The Thomasville City Council voted 3-2 on May 14 for the widening, but the Thomasville Times-Enterprise reports that lawyers hired by opponents demand that the city r…

At Last, Kim Kardashian Sets a Good Example for Fans

Emily Jashinsky, DC ExaminerAfter more than a decade of promoting materialism and promiscuity, Kim Kardashian West promoted some more positive behavior for her young fans on Wednesday.

The Waking Nightmare of the Trump-Kardashian Meeting

Naomi Fry, The New YorkerThis type of meeting—this Boschian spectacle of horrors, this stand-in for the reflective, responsible work of actual public service—is, somehow, still happening.