Month: July 2018

How Trump Drives Liberals Backwards

Victor Davis Hanson, American GreatnessDonald Trump has certainly changed the rules of presidential behavior, through his nonstop campaign rallies, tweets, and press conferences. What his critics call lowering the bar of presidential decorum by unfett…

Trump administration: North Korea missile moves don’t undermine peace push

The Trump administration downplayed reports Tuesday that North Korea is engaged in a flurry of new intercontinental ballistic missile activity, asserting the activity has not undermined President Trump’s high-stakes diplomatic outreach to Pyongyang. Ad…

In ‘Year of the Woman,’ Poll Finds Gender Isn’t Key

Adele Malpass, RealClearPoliticsThe 2018 midterms have attracted a record number of women running for Congress, which, according to conventional wisdom, is energizing the base of the Democratic Party.