Month: July 2018

Trump Goes Trolling for East Coast Liberals in Montana!

Frank Miele, Daily InterlakeTwo weeks ago, Donald Trump Jr. went fly-fishing in Montana. Last week, his father went fishing on Montana, too, but with a different target in mind.

Will #Resistance Summer Dampen the Dems’ Big Autumn?

Salena Zito, DC ExaminerDemocrats are not going to win Congress by winning #Resistance-heavy cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and D.C., or college campuses across the country.

Dems Continue to be Clueless in Face of Trump’s Triumphs

Wayne Allyn Root, LVRJThe Democrats probably weren’t beating Donald Trump or the GOP no matter what they did or said — in either November or 2020. The economy is just too good. But they certainly had a chance if they didn’t go comple…

Ted Hickman, vice mayor of Dixon, California, proclaims July Straight Pride American Month, or SPAM

A California vice-mayor’s declaration that July should be “straight pride” month has resulted in calls for his resignation or recall and threats of a demonstration at the next city council meeting. Ted Hickman, the vice mayor of Dixon, California, note…

Political giant killers like Ocasio-Cortez will face real test once on Capitol Hill

It is often said that Goliath’s Achilles Heel was not his size. But ironically it was Goliath’s size which made him a target too big to miss.The latest example of this unfolded in the 14th District of New York as insurgent Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unexpectedly whipped Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) – a potential candidate become the next leader of House Democrats or perhaps even House Speaker.

Brian Stelter of CNN says Donald Trump-Sean Hannity relationship ‘weird’

CNN’s Brian Stelter says there’s something “weird” about the relationship between President Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity. “When Hannity’s off the air, he gossips with Trump and gives advice about who to hire,” Mr. Stelter said Sunday on CNN’s “…

ICE funding showdown expected amid calls by Dems to abolish agency

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – still in the midst of the ongoing drama over the separations of immigrant families – is hoping to get a huge spending boost next fiscal year even as some Democrats are calling for the agency to be abolished.