Month: August 2018

Trump Putting Indelible Conservative Stamp on Judiciary

Thomas Kaplan, NY TimesWith another judge confirmed Tuesday by the Senate, President Trump and Senate Republicans are leaving an ever-expanding imprint on the judiciary, nudging powerful appeals courts rightward through a determined effort to nominate…

Call It the Granite City Comeback

Anthony Scaramucci, Washington ExaminerPresident Trump is putting American workers first, and it’s paying off big time for Missouri.

When Roe Goes Down, Women Will Be Punished

Mark Joseph Stern, SlateThere will be no way to oppose abortion without supporting the prosecution of those who terminate their pregnancies.

Americans Largely Agree on Abortion Limits

Jeanne Mancini, RealClearPoliticsIn order to properly understand how Americans feel about abortion, one must take into account that their views are more complex than simple up-or-down polls about the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling suggest.

How Trump Could Be Like Reagan

Stephen Moore, Art Laffer & Steve Forbes, NY TimesJust as Ronald Reagan once pushed for abolishing nuclear weapons, President Trump should call for ending tariffs.

The Start of Washington’s War on Silicon Valley

Nick Bilton, Vanity FairMark Warner’s manifesto is the first shot in Washington’s war against Silicon Valley. Will Zuck, Dorsey, and Brin take them seriously, or will both sides hit the mattresses?