Month: April 2019

How the Smollett Case Threatens Efforts to Reform Chicago

Foxx was elected on a promise to bring nuance to the criminal-justice system. Her office’s handling of the Smollett case has given an opening to her critics, who say she’s soft on crime.

The Politics of Notre Dame

When you heard Notre Dame was ablaze, did you think Islamic terrorism might be involved? I did. And with the origin of the fire still uncertain, that remains a valid avenue of inquiry. Muslim extremists have attacked the landmark before, have…

Mueller report has held America ‘hostage’ for 2 years, Federalist editor says

While many analysts are advising Democrats to move on from Mueller report and the issue of collusion, The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway said Thursday it will be hard for America to move on because it’s been “held hostage” by the idea of President Trump colluding with Russia.

Trump’s written — at times snarky — answers to Mueller’s questions revealed

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump spoke indirectly during the long-running investigation into Russian election interference, when the president’s legal team submitted written testimony in response to Mueller’s questions on a variety of topics in November 2018.