Month: May 2019

Dozens of states consider move to permanent daylight savings time

When his young children finally started waking up at a reasonable hour, Mike Freiberg thought he had won the battle against sleepless toddlers that every parent fights. Then, on the first Sunday in November, daylight savi…

Robert Mueller testimony sought as report questions linger

WASHINGTON — See Bob investigate. Read Bob’s report. Wait, Bob, what? For nearly two years, the nation watched and waited as special counsel Robert Mueller investigated President Donald Trump and his campaign for potential collusion with Russia a…

Despite Risks, House Democrats Should Impeach Trump

It’s important to uphold the constitution through impeachment – even if it goes nowhere, even if it’s unpopular with many voters, even if it’s politically risky

The Real Democratic Agenda

And you thought Democrats won the House out of fear Republicans would drop coverage of preexisting conditions.

Joe Biden Represents the Best & Worst of His Generation

Biden’s persona appeals to the sensibilities of an elder generation and the character traits they admire. This identity is a big part of Biden’s pitch, but he also exemplifies the worst qualities of our parents’ generation. For one, apologies don’t co…