Month: July 2019

Predicting the Democrats’ VP Shortlist

America’s over two-year presidential election cycles have morphed into sporting event-like entertainment culminating in the quadrennial political Super Bowl known as Election Day.

In Post-Roe World, Pro-Lifers Equip Families to Succeed

When you’re looking for perspective on how pro-life Americans see the world, rarely does one think to look to the New York Times, which recently opined that a “long, cruel history” marred…

Trump and BoJo Could Emulate Reagan, Thatcher

Instead of being subsumed into the polyglot, bureaucratically mismanaged and socialistic Babel of the EU, Britain will become a continuing sovereign country.

The 4 Horsewomen of the Democrat Apocalypse

Nancy Pelosi issued a spanking to the enfants terribles of her caucus this week. The corporal punishment elicited more of the temper tantrums that brought about the spanking in the first place. Pelosi, channeling her inner Bill Belichick – the…