Month: August 2019

Jeffrey Lord: NYT ‘Stalinizing’ America, left wants to re-write American history on race

Fox News contributor Jeffrey Lord responded to a leaked transcript from New York Times’ emergency town hall meeting Monday, saying that the newspaper wants to stir the narrative on race in the United States against President Donald Trump and in-favor of pro-Russian views.  

After mock Trump assassination photos at liberal fundraiser, Scalise asks when the left will denounce its violence

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise asked what it would take for liberals to denounce violence against conservatives after a Democratic state senator from Illinois came under fire last weekend over pictures showing his supporters at a fundraising event taking part in a mock assassination on President Trump.

Memorial to be held for California officer killed on duty

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) – Members of law enforcement from across the state are expected at a memorial Tuesday for the California Highway Patrol officer killed last week when a motorist he pulled over grabbed a rifle and opened fire. The public is invite…

Gun Restrictions Punish Law-Abiding People

When I was in elementary school, I really hated it when teachers punished the class for the bad behavior of an individual. I wondered what the class was supposed to do to encourage bad actors to change their behavior.

The Insanity of Missouri’s Gun Laws

That 20-year-old who walked into the Springfield, Missouri, Walmart with a rifle did prove a point – that Missouri’s gun laws are unholstered and unhinged. Open carry and concealed carry are legal in the state.

Why Tens of Thousands Come Together to Hear Trump Speak

Listen up, Trumpophobes. It’s not so hard to understand the president’s appeal. Try going to one of his rallies and, instead of turning up your nose at the Walmart people, listen and learn. The abu…

Why Joe Biden Won’t Win

The numbers say Joe Biden will be the nominee. They also say he will beat Trump. They’re wrong. You should still bet against Biden getting the nomination

Electability Voters Are the Reason Biden Is Leading

Electability is king in the 2020 Democratic primary as voters are choosing candidates they think their fellow citizens would support-not the ones they actually like best.