Ryan Zinke’s Great American Fire Sale

Carolyn Kormann, The New Yorker
Not long ago, the Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior, began distributing “vision cards” to its employees. The front of each card features the B.L.M. logo (a river winding into green foothills); short descriptions of the Bureau’s “vision,” “mission,” and “values”; and an oil rig. On the flip side is a list of “guiding principles,” accompanied by an image of two cowboys riding across a golden plain. Amber Cargile, a B.L.M. spokeswoman, told me that the new cards are meant to reflect...

Broward School Violence: The Rest of the Story

Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations
Broward County, Fla., school officials portray as a great success their Obama administration-inspired program offering counseling to students who break the law, instead of having them arrested or expelled. They insist that it played no role in February’s school massacre by Nikolas Cruz. They also claim that in fact juvenile recidivism rates are down and school safety is up, thanks to the program.

Can the U.S. Avoid a Debt Crisis?

Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
WASHINGTON -- The Congressional Budget Office last week released its annual budget and economic outlook report, and although the news was gruesome, the report was greeted in Washington with a giant yawn. The assumption among Republicans and Democrats is that the political rewards for curbing runaway budget deficits are too meager to justify the risks. There's a consensus to do nothing -- and to hope that nothing goes disastrously wrong.

Trump Is Right to Declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Syria

Christian Whiton, The Hill
President Trump is doing the right thing in Syria: penalizing the Assad government for using chemical weapons, but avoiding greater involvement in the civil war there, and laying plans to exit the conflict. His strategy is apparently baffling to some, but amounts to putting American interests first — and keeping our military focused on the threats of tomorrow, not yesterday.

A Trump Doctrine for the Middle East: Disengagement

Martin Indyk, The Atlantic
The evening of Friday, April 13th, 2018, was John Bolton’s debut crisis as President Trump’s national-security adviser. Barely three days on the job and there he was, standing off-camera in the White House Diplomatic Reception Room, while his new boss delivered an address to the nation to explain why U.S., British, and French aircraft and missiles were attacking targets associated with Syria’s chemical-weapons program.