What Went Through My Mind the Day I Was Shot

Rep. Steve Scalise, FOX News
It's strange though; gunfire and baseball don't fit together, and it's also strange that there's a kind of numbness around my waist. A kind of pressure, like a lineman has lowered his shoulder and given me a shove. But it's not a shove. It's a large 7.62 caliber bullet moving at high velocity that has entered my hip and hit my femur, and my leg has effectively detonated.

Full Challenge to Theresa May Looks Imminent

Conrad Black, National Post
The drama of the British departure from the European Union is finally coming to a climax. Theresa May has never been a compelling or even particularly convincing prime minister, but she seems to have managed the Homeric feat of getting some sort of

Trump says he answered Mueller questions ‘very easily’

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump says he "very easily" answered written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller, though he speculated that the questions had been "tricked up" to try to catch him in a lie. He said he hadn't submitted his answers to investigators yet.

"You have to always ...