Romney Tweet: I’m Running for Senate From Utah

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Friday that, as expected, he's running for a Utah U.S. Senate seat.He made the announcement in a video posted to Twitter.I am running for United States Senate to serve the people of Utah and bring Utah's values to...

Real Issue Is Not Mental Health. It’s Guns.

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
WASHINGTON -- Don't tell me the issue is mental health. Save the nonsense about "good guys" with weapons somehow being the answer. The truth is this: There would have been no tragic shooting Wednesday in Parkland, Florida, if a troubled young man had not gotten his hands on a military-style assault rifle and as much ammunition as he wanted.

Trump, a Playboy Model, & a System to Conceal Infidelity

Ronan Farrow, New Yorker
In June, 2006, Donald Trump taped an episode of his reality-television show, “The Apprentice,” at the Playboy Mansion, in Los Angeles. Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s publisher, threw a pool party for the show’s contestants with dozens of current and former Playmates, including Karen McDougal, a slim brunette who had been named Playmate of the Year, eight years earlier. In 2001, the magazine’s readers voted her runner-up for “Playmate of the ’90s,” behind Pamela Anderson. At the time of the party, Trump had been married to the Slovenian model Melania...

The Takeaway: No N.Y. State of Mind for 2020

Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
No More, New York: Five of America’s 45 presidents were born in New York state – including the current occupant of the White House – but according to a new poll of voters in the Empire State by Quinnipiac University they don’t want to see number six – at least not yet. Three New Yorkers are in the discussion for 2020, and while voters generally approve of the job Andrew Cuomo is doing as governor (47 percent approval), Kirsten Gillibrand is doing as senator (52 percent approval) and, to a lesser degree, Bill de Blasio is doing as mayor of New York City (42...

Have Democrats Overplayed Their Trump Hand?

Rich Lowry, National Review Online
It turns out that, with apologies to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans really did have to pass the tax bill so people could find out what's in it. The GOP has made gains on the generic congressional ballot in recent weeks, with warmer feelings about the tax plan contributing to the upward trend. The improving numbers at least raise the prospect that, just as in 2016, Democrats will be lured by their abiding conviction in President Donald Trump's inevitable failure and their deep loathing of him to misplay what should be a winning hand. There's no doubt that Republicans are in trouble ...

Low-Skill Immigration: A Case for Restriction

Wax & Richwine, American Affairs
awler Foods, a large commercial bakery outside of Houston, prefers to hire Hispanics. That was the allegation in legal briefs filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which contends that Lawler created its 80-percent Hispanic workforce in an area where much of the low-skill labor pool is black by advertising for Spanish speakers, then relying on word-of-mouth among its Spanish-speaking employees. When non-Hispanic applicants still showed up, the company would discourage them with horror stories about the nature of the work, emphasize that Spanish is required, and...

Trump’s Florida Speech Is Exactly What the Country Needs

Jean Card, US News & WR
What is the correct response to mass shootings? Is it legislation or leadership? At the national level, it should be the kind of consistent, persistent leadership that comes from a clear vision and the right words.President Donald Trump displayed an important flash of leadership on Thursday in his address to the nation after the school massacre in Florida. His words were thoughtful, comforting and even inspiring. But playing comforter in chief for the length of a news cycle won't be enough. It is the responsibility of Trump, and of other leaders, to try and make a lasting impact on the...

The Latest: Gun safety groups aim to oust pro-NRA lawmakers

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) - The Latest on the school shooting that killed 17 people in Florida (all times local):

10:40 a.m.

Groups advocating stricter gun laws are organizing Americans who want to channel anger into action after the deadly Florida school shooting.

Everytown for Gun Safety says it has received ...