The FBI ‘Regrets’ Not Checking Into Nikolas Cruz

Steve Hilton, Fox News
Wasn't there something eerily and disgracefully familiar about the news that the FBI had a highly specific warning about the murderous intentions of Nikolas Cruz, the gunman who has confessed to shooting and killing 14 students and three adults at a Florida high school Wednesday?

McConnell: Trump Should Back Romney for Senate

President Donald Trump needs to get behind Mitt Romney's run for Senate in Utah, which is a sign of a rising Republican party for the 2018 midterms, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told The New York Times.

Trump blasts FBI over Parkland, Florida high school shooting

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Donald Trump lashed out at the FBI Saturday night, saying the agency "missed all of the many signals" sent by the suspect in the Florida school shooting and arguing they are "spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign."


Husband of slain MP Jo Cox steps down after misconduct claim

LONDON (AP) - The widower of a slain British legislator has stepped down from two charities set up in her memory after allegations of sexual misconduct in the past were reported.

Brendan Cox said late Saturday night he had acted inappropriately and would leave his positions at the Jo Cox ...

Indifference to Slaughter Will Lead to Republican Ruin

Joe Scarborough, Wash Post
When I walked away from Donald Trump’s Republican Party, I did not walk away from conservatism. Instead, I gave up on a political party whose policies had become indefensible. I support a pathway to citizenship for the “dreamers,” but my approach to immigration is far less expansive than that of most Democrats. I opposed the Republicans’ deficit-financed tax cuts, but I still believe that any Americans paying more than a third of their salaries to the government are being ripped off.

Restoring America, Correcting Obama’s Errors

Stephen Presser, American Greatness
What is it that makes America great? What, really, resonated so much with his supporters when Donald Trump promised to make America great again? What was it that we had lost? Why did so many people perceive the eight years of the last administration

How Trump Hurts the Republican Party

David Byler, Weekly Standard
Most Americans have probably heard the parable of the blind men and the elephant. There are different versions of the story, but the basic idea is that a group of blind men encounter an elephant, and they each touch different parts of it. One man feels the tail, another the leg, another the ear, and so on. They each come away with a true view of what an elephant is like, but it's an incomplete view.There's more than one way to think about this storyâ??some see it as a metaphor for the monotheistic religions and God, others simply see it as an illustration of how all of our perspectives are...

Israeli PM Netanyahu to Iran: Don’t test Israel’s resolve

MUNICH (AP) - The international nuclear deal with Iran has emboldened Tehran to become increasingly aggressive in the region, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, warning that Iran should "not test Israel's resolve."

Netanyahu said if the U.S. decides to scrap the 2015 nuclear deal, which he has long ...

The Latest: Iran calls Israel PM’s drone claim a “circus”

MUNICH (AP) - The Latest from the Munich Security Conference (all times local):

1 p.m.

Iran's foreign minister is dismissing as a "cartoonish circus" accusations by Israel's prime minister that his country has become increasingly aggressive and sent a drone into Israeli airspace.

Mohammad Javad Zarif took the stage Sunday ...

Calls for gun control grow louder after Florida shooting

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) - Pressure is growing for tougher gun-control laws after a mass shooting at a Florida high school, with thousands of angry protesters at state rallies demanding immediate action from lawmakers, and more demonstrations planned across the country in the weeks ahead.

Organizers behind the Women's March, an ...