Trump endorses Alabama Rep. Roby despite 2016 snub

President Trump on Friday endorsed Alabama GOP Rep. Martha Roby, saying she has been a “consistent and reliable” supporter of his agenda—despite her sharp criticism of him in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election.

WHAT’S HAPPENING: Border confusion after Trump about-face

A class-action lawsuit over the treatment of teenage migrants detained in Virginia is adding more pressure for immigration reform. Under the microscope after reports of immigrant children separated from their parents at the border, lawmakers are at odds as to how to address the issue. The president told them Friday ...

Boston schools sued for alleged cooperation with ICE

BOSTON (AP) - A coalition of civil rights and student advocacy groups has sued the Boston Public Schools to find out how much student information the system shares with federal immigration officials.

The groups, including the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, allege in the suit that the ...

Maryland early voters cast 56 percent more ballots than 2014

BALTIMORE (AP) - Maryland residents have cast a record number of ballots during early voting in the state's midterm primary election.

The Baltimore Sun cites numbers from the State Board of Elections reporting that 222,100 people had voted by the time early voting centers closed Thursday night.

The number of ...

The Media Can’t Stop Lying About Trump

John Lott, The Hill
President Trump’s half-hour, impromptu interview on Fox & Friends on last Friday sent the media’s fact checkers into overdrive this weekend. Everyone from PolitiFact to the New York Times to virtually all the Sunday morning national talk shows piled on, calling Trump a liar.

Russia says evidence of Syria chemical attacks was faked

MOSCOW (AP) - Russia said Friday that the U.S. and its allies have relied on fabricated evidence to accuse the Syrian government of launching chemical attacks against civilians.

Russia's foreign and defense ministries also charged the international chemical weapons watchdog with failing to objectively investigate the alleged chemical attacks and ...