Why Is Teen Vogue Sexualizing a 9-Year-Old Boy?

Sarah Rumpf, RedState
It's hard to stay woke these days. The rules keep changing. And for the many conservatives like me who are supportive of gay rights, the activist left seems determined to make things as complicated and stressful as possible. The latest eyebrow-raising story comes from Teen Vogue, in the form of a nine-year-old boy named Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden they describe as impressive and magical. You might be Read More »

Senate confirms Trump’s 20th federal judge

Senators confirmed President Trump's 20th federal judge Tuesday, approving William L. Campbell Jr. to a seat on a federal court in Tennessee by a 97-0 vote.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said the Senate will have three more district court nominees on its agenda this week as well, ...

Connecticut governor proposes ban on gun ‘bump stocks’

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has proposed a statewide ban on bump stocks, the devices designed to make semi-automatic rifles mimic the firing action of fully automatic weapons.

The Democratic governor announced the legislation Tuesday, citing the October mass shooting in Las Vegas in which the ...

7 Years After Gabby Giffords’ Shooting, Have We Learned Anything?

S.E. Smith, RS
The Safeway parking lot near Tucson, Arizona, was bustling on January 8th, 2011, as people lined up to participate in a "Congress on Your Corner" event with newly reelected Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. As the three-term Democrat began talking with constituents, a man opened fire on the crowd with a semiautomatic pistol, killing six people and severely injuring Giffords. Even in an era of nearly constant mass shootings, the attack on a sitting member of Congress stood out. It was followed with calls for more robust gun control.

Bitcoin Mania

Sue Halpern, New York Review of Books
The first time I bought virtual money, in October 2017, bitcoins, the cryptocurrency everyone by now has heard of, were trading at $5,919.20. A month later, as I started writing this, a single coin sold for $2,000 more. Coin is a metaphor. A cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is purely digital: it is a piece of code—a string of numbers and letters—that uses encryption techniques and a decentralized computer network to process transactions and generate new units. Its value derives entirely from people's perception of what it is worth. The same might be said of paper money, now divorced...

Dianne Feinstein releases transcript of Fusion GPS meeting regarding anti-Trump dossier

The Senate Judiciary Committee's top Democrat has released a highly anticipated transcript of the panel's closed-door interview with Glenn Simpson, co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS, which was responsible for the anti-Trump dossier at the center of the Russian election meddling saga.

The committee interviewed Mr. Simpson last summer. ...

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in Illinois

January 5, 2018

Chicago Tribune

Congress, let the states set marijuana policy

The momentum behind America's marijuana movement has been unstoppable. Illinois and 28 other states have legalized medical marijuana. Eight states now allow the sale of recreational pot; the latest is California, where proponents expect the recreational use market ...

Democrats demand $25B in opioids funding amid shutdown talks

Senate Democrats pressed GOP leaders to free up $25 billion over two years to combat opioids addiction, laying down a new marker ahead of final negotiations over a major spending package this month.

Prescription painkiller and heroin abuse is killing tens of thousands of people per year, prompting President Trump ...

Tactics, events that defined Joe Arpaio’s career as sheriff

PHOENIX (AP) - Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he plans to run for a U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican Jeff Flake. His 24 years as sheriff of metro Phoenix were defined by a series of tough-on-crime tactics and legal problems that cost the area millions of dollars.



Court cases from coordinated 2016 pipeline protest delayed

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - Several court cases stemming from a coordinated pipeline protest in four states have been delayed, including one where an appeals court is deciding whether to allow two women to argue their law-breaking was necessary to prevent a greater harm.

Eleven activists with the group Climate Direct ...

Henry Cuellar says no to a government shutdown over immigration

Rep. Henry Cuellar said Tuesday that he is not willing to shutdown the government over an immigration or DACA bill.

"We just got to be able to narrow down what we're talking about, and I think we'll be able to work something out," Mr. Cuellar, Texas Democrat, said on Fox ...