‘The Five’ debate ‘collusion’ in Mueller report

Thursday’s release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation was supposed to be the end of a two year long probe but as the “The Five” proved Thursday it may be only the beginning of a continuing debate between Democrats and Republicans.

Pro-choice, pro-life advocates prepare for legal battles

Pro-choice advocates thought the law was settled and states were limited in how much they could regulate abortion clinics.

But they found themselves Wednesday back at the Supreme Court, asking the justices to strike down a Louisiana law mandating that clinics have admitting privileges to a local hospital should any ...

Ex-EPA chief Pruitt registers as energy lobbyist in Indiana

WASHINGTON (AP) - Scott Pruitt, the scandal-ridden former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, registered as an energy lobbyist in Indiana on Thursday as fossil-fuels interests there are fighting to block the proposed closure of several coal-fired power plants.

A lobbying disclosure report for Pruitt provides little insight into precisely ...

Mueller drops obstruction dilemma on Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) - It's now up to Congress to decide what to do with special counsel Robert Mueller's findings about President Donald Trump.

While the special counsel declined to prosecute Trump on obstruction of justice, he did not exonerate him, all but leaving the question to Congress. Mueller's report provides ...

Mueller report finds 14 other cases for prosecutors to pursue

Special counsel Robert Mueller may not have found a Russia-Trump conspiracy, but he did find plenty of other potential crime during his sprawling 22-month investigation, farming out 14 cases to other prosecutors to pursue.

Mr. Mueller's 448-page report on his investigation, released publicly Thursday, gave only tantalizing references about the ...

How Mueller made his no-call on Trump and obstruction

WASHINGTON (AP) - It was a punt that will be examined for years, if not decades.

Special counsel Robert Mueller found he couldn't exonerate President Donald Trump of obstruction of justice, but he wouldn't recommend charging him, either.

In explaining the decision to eschew a "traditional prosecutorial judgment," Mueller said ...

Partisan reaction in Nevada to Mueller’s Russia probe report

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Reaction is breaking along partisan lines in Nevada after special counsel Robert Mueller's released his report concluding President Donald Trump tried to seize control of the Russia probe but that there was insufficient evidence to charge him with obstruction of justice.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael ...

DNC boss Perez appears to sidestep impeachment question

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman, Tom Perez, seemed to sidestep a question on Thursday about whether it was wise for his party to file articles of impeachment in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Inside the Beltway: Fake news now joined by false narratives

Presidents have long been uneasy with the press. Consider that Thomas Jefferson revealed he rarely thought newspapers were worth reading, and was weary of their "wretched guesswork"; the year was 1816. Abraham Lincoln called reporters "villainous" in 1858; Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed America had a "free and sensational press" in ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins Donald Trump impeachment effort

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday that the special counsel's report is a clear invitation to Congress to impeach President Trump — and she's climbing on board the effort.

The New York Democrat took to Twitter to say she considers herself a reluctant impeachment warrior, "but the report squarely puts this ...

North Korea may have done world a favor with weapon test

It's only a flesh wound.

That's the line that the South Korean government and the semi-permanent community of ineffectual "Korea watchers" who populate the offices along Massachusetts Avenue in Northwest Washington are taking in response to North Korea's latest provocation.

Sure, Pyongyang this week fired off what the South Korean ...

DCCC’s incumbent protection policy may have backfired

The DCCC's plan to stop doing business with consultants who try to unseat Democratic incumbents could backfire in Georgia, where former congressional candidate Michael Owens said the threat from Washington has sparked interest in his potential challenge of Rep. David Scott.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, hoping to protect incumbents ...

Political consultant charged in SC corruption investigation

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina political consultant has been formally charged in an investigation of statehouse corruption.

On Thursday, a grand jury indicted 74-year-old Richard Quinn on 11 counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. The indictments accuse Quinn of lying during two appearances before the ...

Analysis: Mueller paints a damning portrait of the president

WASHINGTON (AP) - To Donald Trump, the start of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation looked alarmingly like the end of his presidency. So he tried to stop it.

His months-long effort pushed the boundaries of presidential powers and the law, revealing a commander in chief consumed by self-interest and intent ...

Top Democrats aim to block funds for detention beds at border

Key Democrats are lobbying to block any additional money from going toward what they call President Trump's cruel immigration enforcement policies, saying they won't be complicit in helping his strict interpretation of enforcing the laws.

About 20 senators, including the party's presidential hopefuls, signed a letter this week demanding their ...