Persecution in Iran, China Must End Now

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, USA Today
Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. As I’ll spell out more in a moment, the 40 years of fruit from the revolution has been bitter. Forty years of kleptocracy. Forty years of the people’s wealth squandered on supporting terrorism. Forty years of ordinary Iranians thrown in jail for peaceful expression of their rights. Why has the regime conducted itself in such an abhorrent way over the past 40 years and subjected its people to these conditions? It’s an important question.

Kavanaugh Comes Knocking But Dems Won’t Meet

Susan Ferrechio, Wash Examiner
Many Senate Democrats have refused to hold the traditional meet and greet events with Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh, arguing they have not received all of the millions of pages of documentation related to Kavanaugh’s time working in the Bush White House.

Democrats Grapple With Trump’s Resilience

Niall Stanage, The Hill
President Trump’s approval rating is largely unchanged in the first polls to emerge after his widely criticized performance at last week’s joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin — and Democrats are scratching their heads.

Romania: 4 candidates eye top anti-graft prosecutor’s job

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - Romania's justice minister says four prosecutors have applied for the post of chief anti-corruption prosecutor, a prestigious yet highly scrutinized job.

Former anti-graft chief Laura Codruta Kovesi was dismissed on July 9 amid government allegations of incompetence and mismanagement. She has rejected the accusations.

The ruling ...

If Truth Mattered to the Hysterical Media

Dennis Prager, Investor's Business Daily
You and I are living through the greatest mass hysteria in American history. For many Americans, the McCarthy era held that dubious distinction, but what is happening now is incomparably worse.