2020 Dems Should Commit to Act on Torture Report

Nearly five years after the world learned in brutal detail how our nation tortured detainees, the candidates for president have an opportunity to do what Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush never did: grapple with our troubling legacy of torture.

Joe Biden’s Evolution on Guns

The new senator needed to hire staff to work in his new office, and after an interview with a then-young Joe Biden, the Delaware Morning News reported that the ideal job applicant would be one who shared his opposition "to such liberal shibboleths as gun control."

The Audacity of Pete Buttigieg

The improbable arrival and urgent ambition of a man who'll be shaping our politics for years-whether or not he wins in 2020.

Gordon Sondland’s Phone Call Is the Smoking Gun

Sondland will be questioned on live television Wednesday morning. A political appointee new to high stakes diplomacy, he is the antithesis of the career foreign service officers who have described discomfort with the scheme.

Prepare for Democratic-Primary Chaos

With Pete Buttigieg surging in the early states but struggling to build a diverse coalition, the Democratic nominating process could take a long time to complete.

Carlos Ghosn & the Dark Side of Japanese Justice

Our family always celebrates anniversaries, but not this week. A year ago Tuesday, our father, former Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn, was ambushed and arrested in Japan. He is finally free on bail, but his activities are highly restricted. We don't know when his trial will begin and when his...