The Real Cost of Socialism

Under President Trump, America has maintained the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years, there are more jobs opportunities than there are people to fill them, wages are steadily rising, and American optimism has returned. Not to mention, he is bringing jobs back to America, ensuring free and fair trade by holding countries like China accountable for predatory practices, and renewing American strength with tough negotiating tactics and the promise to put America first.

Media Coverage of Anti-Semitism, Racism Rise in Trump Era

President Trump generated an uproar this week with his widely condemned comments regarding four Democratic lawmakers of color, coupled with a campaign rally in which attendees chanted "Send her back!" in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar. A closer look at media coverage of the congresswoman's own anti-Semitic comments earlier this year raises the question of whether the current uproar will pass with as little long-term impact. Answering that may hinge on whether the media finds a new Trump angle to focus on.

FDA Is Outlier in Trump’s Deregulation Administration

President Trump has presided over undeniably successful deregulation efforts across the executive branch. At his re-election campaign announcement in Orlando, he touted his record on "the growing economy, the tax cuts, and deregulation." Right up there with the economy and tax cuts, the president holds deregulation as one of his top priorities and successes.

What the Moon Landings Taught Us

No one doubts that the biggest achievement of the July 20, 1969, lunar landing was simply getting there. It was a monumental triumph of will - and technology. Yet once Neil Armstrong took that hist...

Iran’s Eye-for-an-Eye Strategy in the Gulf

The latest escalation between the United States and Iran is of a pattern with many of the Islamic Republic's confrontations with regional and international adversaries since the 1979 revolution.

For Biden, Debate Draw Is Potential Disaster, & an Opportunity

David Axelrod says Joe Biden is likely to face criticism by two of his most aggressive attackers and several feisty progressives who are desperate for a big moment to keep their bids alive, but it gives him a chance to improve on his weak performance in the first round of debates

Biden compares Trump to George Wallace

Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday compared President Trump to segregationist former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.Days after Trump's attacks on...

Petition for gun sale background checks clears initial step

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A gun safety group hoping to change Ohio law to require background checks on virtually all guns sales has cleared an initial hurdle on its second try.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office on Friday certified a revised petition from Ohioans for Gun Safety.

The proposal would ...

AP FACT CHECK: Trump and Dems on an incendiary week

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump attributed statements to a Democratic congresswoman that she didn't make as he set off an incendiary week of vilification with accusations that she and three other lawmakers of color hate America.

The episode roiled the capital and excited Trump's North Carolina rally, overshadowing distortions ...

Milan magistrate Borrelli, led ’90s kickback probes, dies

ROME (AP) - Francesco Saverio Borrelli, who as Milan chief prosecutor led the 1990s corruption probes which toppled Italy's long-ruling political class, has died. He was 89.

Milan Chief Prosecutor Francesco Greco confirmed reports of Borrelli's death in a Milan hospital Saturday. He said a wake would be held at ...

Serbia’s president says Kosovo PM’s resignation is a ‘trick’

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - Serbia's president says the decision by Kosovo's prime minister to step down over a call for questioning by a Hague-based court investigating crimes against ethnic Serbs during and after the country's 1998-99 war is a "political trick."

Aleksandar Vucic said Saturday that Ramush Haradinaj's resignation was ...