Is Trump Mentally Fit for Office?

Bill Press, The Hill
Whatever you think of the Trump presidency, you must admit they'll have to rewrite the history books when it's over. We've had many kinds of presidents, but we've never had one like this before. We've never had a president so widely suspected of being mentally unstable, if not mentally ill.

About That Golden Globes Fiasco

Kyle Smith, National Review
On Golden Globes night, Hollywood preened in front of its black mirror as usual, but the degree to which it was blind to what was obvious to all observers was stranger than ever. It was like that time the pear-shaped Homer Simpson looked at his reflection and saw a torso rippling with musculature ...

It’s On Republicans to Stop a Shutdown

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Washington Post
I do not know why President Trump and the Republican Party — which controls the White House, the Senate and the House — are so willing to shut down the government. Maybe they think it will be good for them politically. Maybe they believe the chaos created by a government shutdown would be a welcome distraction from the ongoing Russia investigation being conducted by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Whatever the motives of the Republican leadership, one thing is clear: A government shutdown would be disastrous for the American people.

Recent Missouri editorials

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Indicted state senator: FBI targeted council, legislature

BALTIMORE (AP) - Attorneys for a sitting Maryland state senator indicted on bribery and obstruction-of-justice charges say the preceding FBI investigation was part of an attempt to implicate members of the Baltimore City Council and Maryland legislature.

The Baltimore Sun reported Monday that Sen. Nathaniel Oaks' public defenders said in ...