Fusion GPS demands judge in libel suit recuse himself

The research firm behind the controversial Trump dossier demanded Monday that a federal judge appointed by President Trump recuse himself from presiding over a libel case involving BuzzFeed's publishing of the dossier last year.

Fusion GPS, the firm that orchestrated production of the dossier, argued in legal papers that U.S. ...

White House says no way back for Steve Bannon after apology

The White House said Monday that President Trump isn't likely to embrace former adviser Steve Bannon, after the ex-staffer's grudging apology for comments in an unflattering book about the president and his family.

"I don't believe there is any way back for Mr. Bannon at this point," White House deputy ...

Gov. Martinez unveils tough-on-crime proposals

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Gov. Susana Martinez is making a final push for lawmakers to pass a series of tough-on-crime bills in her last year in office, including measures to expand the state's three-strikes law for violent felons and restore the death penalty.

Martinez, a Republican, unveiled the legislation Monday ...

Three Trends to Move Markets in 2018

Rana Foroohar, Financial Times
January columns are full of predictions. Yet as any good journalist (or market participant) knows, making them is a risky business. So rather than tell you in this first column of the new year exactly when the market will crash or what the midterm elections will bring, I am going to say which are the most important topics to watch in business and economics in 2018. Regardless of which way they turn, the following three issues will move markets.

On the Economy, Trump Has Been Crazy Like a Fox

Charles Gasparino, New York Post
In fact, it’s safe to say that the current president, for all his temperamental flaws and petty insecurities, makes his tightly wound predecessor, Barack Obama, look like a raving madman when it comes to showing sense on economic growth. Armchair psychiatrists are having a field day diagnosing the president’s mental state from afar, especially after his increasingly bizarre tweeting, but the market says otherwise.

Michael Wolff and the End of Denial

E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
The most astonishing aspect of the response to Michael Wolff's book is that anyone is surprised. President Trump's unfitness for office was obvious long before he was elected. Once he moved into the White House, the destructive chaos of his administration was there for all to see. Future historians will scratch their heads to figure out why it took this particular book to break the dam of denial

The Democrats: Exorcizing Ghosts & Looking Forward

Robert Kuttner, Am. Prospect
The Democrats’ stunning success in the November 7, 2017, Virginia state elections, and more recently, Democrat Doug Jones's election in Alabama, portends a great blue wave in 2018. Or does it? The good news is that dozens of new groups mobilized thousands of volunteers and candidates, many of whom were new to politics. With a lackluster and centrist gubernatorial candidate in Ralph Northam, Virginia also produced a rare case of coattails in reverse. The down-ticket campaigns increased turnout, which improved the margin in the governor’s race.

Redefining the Red Carpet

Amber Tamblyn, New York Times
Years ago, I was sitting in a dressing room in Tokyo, across from the director of the film I was about to shoot. The director spoke only Japanese, so we communicated through an interpreter. We talked briefly about how well the camera tests had gone and how excited we were about the project. Then he told me there was something specific he had come to discuss: the issue of my weight. He said the film studio would provide a trainer and a meal plan for me and it would be great if I could lose roughly five pounds before we began shooting.