Sex misconduct allegations change tone of Capitol event

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - An annual party to kick-off California's new legislative year took a new tone Thursday night in the wake of sexual misconduct revelations at the Capitol.

Rather than the traditional remarks from legislative leaders, lobbyist Paula Treat took the microphone to kick off the party at a ...

Treasury issues new tax withholding guide for cuts

The Treasury Department on Thursday released new guidelines on how much money companies should withhold from paychecks, saying the vast majority of workers will see more money rolling in as early as next month.

About 90 percent of U.S. workers ultimately will see bigger paychecks thanks to the new tax-cut ...

Robert Mueller money laundering push could spark constitutional crisis

Any move by special counsel Robert Mueller to go beyond collusion and obstruction of justice to probe possible money laundering by President Trump and his family could trigger a major constitutional clash — and present Congress with a massive political headache.

With nearly eight months gone by and some $7 ...

Trump’s Nuclear-Button Tweet Was a Stroke of ‘Stable Genius’

Marc Thiessen, WP
The president in question was not Donald Trump. It was Ronald Reagan, who in his first year in office raised the possibility that the United States and the Soviet Union could survive an exchange of tactical nuclear weapons. That same year Richard Pipes, Reagan’s director of East European and Soviet affairs on the National Security Council, told The Post he thought the probability of nuclear war was about 40 percent. These remarks sent a signal to Moscow that Reagan was not like those who came before him. He did not want war, but he would not shy from one if provoked.

Trump to deregulate sale of American weapon overseas

The Trump administration is taking aim at another U.S. industry it says it being held back by overregulation and government red tape, moving to reduce federal rules and restrictions governing overseas sales of weapons and armament, in a bid to accelerate American arms deals to a growing international clientele eager ...

Members of Haitian community react to Trump’s comments

President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the U.S. would accept more immigrants from "shithole countries" after senators discussed revamping rules affecting those from Africa and Haiti, according to people briefed on the conversation. Members of the Haitian community react to Trump's comments:



The comments angered Illinois ...

Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin immigrant deal falls short of Trump demands

The immigration proposal senators presented to President Trump on Thursday fell far short of what the president has said is needed for him to sign a bill, offering only a small downpayment on the border fence and just a small dent in the chain of family migration.

Sources familiar with ...

A running list of countries Trump has insulted

President Trump referred to African nations and Haiti as "shithole" countries on Jan. 11, when discussing restoring protections for certain immigrant groups. Here are other nations he has insulted.

CNN’s Jake Tapper uses Stephen Miller incident to create buzz

Behold, the anatomy of a "fake news" smear.

The latest drive-by character assassination of White House advisor Stephen Miller began, as it so often does, in a fact-free live TV orgy of public posturing by a journalist eager to display his virgin-snow virtue when it comes to unalloyed hatred of ...