The Two Major Deals Congress Couldn’t Strike

Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Congress crammed something for just about everyone into the $1.3 trillion spending package unveiled on Wednesday—more money for the military, border security, the opioid epidemic, infrastructure, student loans, election security, and even a few modest measures to prevent gun violence.

House GOP Thinks Intel Community Wrong on Russia

Byron York, DC Examiner
Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are questioning the intelligence community's judgment that Russia's Vladimir Putin specifically tried to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. That judgment "did not employ proper analytic tradecraft," committee Republicans charge in a new set of findings released Thursday. But the exact reasons for the committee's skepticism remain secret, at least until a full report is released later.

Is Tribalism Really on the Rise? Meh.

Heather Wilhelm, National Review Online
By now we all understand that America is in the grip of political tribalism,” Yale professor Amy Chua wrote in the February 22 New York Times. “We lament and condemn this phenomenon even as we voraciously engage in it.”

Republicans Still Don’t Get Trump

Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
"The heart and soul of the Republican Party belongs to Donald Trump," writes Lloyd Green. If so, the GOP has an odd way of showing affection. Green cites a lack of Republican criticism of Trump, the president's continued popularity within the party, and Trump's rescue of incumbent Nevada senator Dean Heller from a primary challenge. All true. But when it comes to the president's priorities and the nationalist populist style of politics he represents, Trump and the Republican Congress could not be farther apart.

If Trump Fires Mueller, GOP Will Do… What, Exactly?

Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Quiz time: What does Antonin Scalia have to do with Robert Mueller?Answer: Maybe more than you think.We’ll get to that. But first let’s review. As I wrote Tuesday, Lindsey Graham and Thom Tillis, the two Republican senators who last year put their names on two pieces of “protect Mueller” legislation, now see no need for their own bills. There must be some fable from Aesop—or better still, an old Russian proverb—about the townspeople who keep refusing to believe the malevolent visitor is going to destroy the town until the day it lay in ruins. And if there...

John Bolton Will Let Trump Be Trump — Which Is Good

James Robbins, USA Today
Will newly appointed National Security Adviser John Bolton help feed Donald Trump’s foreign policy instincts? Let’s hope so.The established narrative from the president’s critics has been that President Trump lacks the knowledge, experience and temperament to successfully manage America’s national security affairs. By this reasoning he had to be surrounded by an “axis of adults” to restrain his impulsiveness, lest the U.S. blunder into global conflict based on a stray Tweet or sudden tantrum.

Trump to Hispanics: ‘Republicans are on your side’

President Trump told Hispanic voters Friday that he and his party are "on your side" and complained that Democrats were the roadblock to granting illegal immigrant "Dreamers" a more permanent protection here in the U.S.

He spoke just hours after he'd threatened to veto a massive spending bill — risking ...

Immigration agents served audit notices to 63 businesses

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Immigration officials say federal agents served notices of employment audits to dozens of New Mexico businesses, requiring the businesses to provide hiring records that deal with employees' immigration status.

The Albuquerque Journal reports U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials delivered the notices to 63 businesses in ...

Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill but vows ‘never again’

President Trump said Thursday that he was signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill because it was vital to rebuilding the military, but he trashed Democrats for tacking on extra spending and vowed to never again sign another budget-busting measure.

"I've said to Congress, I will never sign a bill ...

Group: Public in dark about cell tower plans in Grand Teton

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - An environmental group says Grand Teton National Park officials are inappropriately preventing the public from learning about plans for new cellphone towers at the foot of the visually striking Teton Range.

The group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility says it obtained a document through the Freedom ...