Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card

Entous & Osnos, The New Yorker
In early 2017, shortly after Jared Kushner moved into his new office in the West Wing of the White House, he began receiving guests. One visitor who came more than once was Cui Tiankai, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, a veteran diplomat with a postgraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University. When, during previous Administrations, Cui had visited the White House, his hosts received him with a retinue of China specialists and note-takers. Kushner, President Trump’s thirty-seven-year-old son-in-law and one of his senior advisers, preferred smaller gatherings.

The Thin Blue Wave

Jeff Greenfield, Politico
As we argue over who's to blame for the government shutdown, it's worth questioning the conventional wisdom of a Democratic triumph in November.

‘American Pravda’: Why the Veritas Journalist Exists

James O'Keefe, RCInvestigations
I list these successes to show what journalism, as activity, can accomplish. The best way for us to address the concern that our results are transitory is to produce more videos, produce them more frequently, and to encourage other citizen journalists to do the same. In the viper pit that is politics, corruption will regenerate like a snakeskin. That does not take away from the fact that our videos help facilitate the legislative and judicial process. As the Washington Post likes to tell itself, democracy dies in darkness. We agree.

On Abortion, It’s Time to Start Trusting Women

Amanda Marcotte, Salon
Before he was murdered by an anti-abortion terrorist in 2009, Kansas physician Dr. George Tiller had a simple but profound motto: Trust women. "I'm a woman-educated physician," Dr. Tiller explained in an interview for the 2001 documentary "Voices of Choice." "Abortion is about women's hopes and dreams and potential for the rest of their lives. Abortion is a matter of survival for women."

Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost

Emma Green, The Atlantic
The first time Ashley McGuire had a baby, she and her husband had to wait 20 weeks to learn its sex. By her third, they found out at 10 weeks with a blood test. Technology has defined her pregnancies, she told me, from the apps that track weekly development to the ultrasounds that show the growing child. “My generation has grown up under an entirely different world of science and technology than the Roe generation,” she said. “We’re in a culture that is science-obsessed.”

Democrats Have All the Leverage in the Shutdown Standoff

David Faris, The Week
Well good morning, America! I hope you aren't planning any visits to national parks today (or if you are, it would be best if you don't need to use the restroom). Because the suicidal Republican Congress couldn't pass a short-term spending deal or deliver a broader compromise to their clueless president, the government has shut down for the first time since 2013. And if Democrats can stand their ground during what is likely to be a noisy, confusing, high-stakes, and potentially lengthy standoff, they might just be able to force Republicans to slink back to the negotiating table and accept...

Trump’s Merit-Based Immigration System

Jeff Sessions, Washington Times
For decades, the American people have been begging and pleading with our elected officials for an immigration system that is lawful and that serves our national interest. That’s not just because immigration is an economic issue. It’s also because it’s a matter of public safety and national security. If we can’t control — or even know — who enters this country, it’s much harder to keep people safe.

Ben Cardin: Budget, caps blocking resolution on government shutdown

Sen. Ben Cardin said Monday that the main fight to reopen the government centers on the budget and spending caps more than immigration.

"The main issue is the budget, and the caps, and how much are we going to spend on defense and non-defense. That's the main issue," Mr. Cardin, ...