Christie set to deliver his final state of the state address

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to deliver his final state of the state address.

The Republican governor will address the Democratic-led Legislature on Tuesday afternoon at the Statehouse.

Christie will be turning over state government control to Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy, who takes office ...

When Deportation Is a Death Sentence

Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker
On June 9, 2009, just after 2 a.m., Laura S. left the restaurant where she waitressed, in Pharr, Texas, and drove off in her white Chevy. She was in an unusually hopeful mood. Her twenty-third birthday was nine days away, and she and her nineteen-year-old cousin, Elizabeth, had been discussing party plans at the restaurant. They’d decided to have coolers of beer, a professional d.j., and dancing after Laura put her three sons to bed. Now they were heading home, and giving two of Laura’s friends a ride, with a quick detour for hamburgers. Elizabeth said that, as they neared the...

Climate Scientists Keep Making Bad Predictions

Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian
You probably think that the classical reference in the title is to a saying originating from baseball humorist Yogi Berra. But Quote Investigator traces the origin of the saying back to an unnamed wag in the Danish parliament in the 1930s. Early users of the phrase included Danish atomic physicist Nils Bohr and movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn.

Leaderless Democrats Enticed by Oprah 2020

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
Democrats have no shortage of party members interested in running for president in 2020. Indeed, the pilgrimages to Iowa, the self-promoting books (and attendant tours), and speeches on the local party dinner circuit have already begun. Yet, when talk of an Oprah Winfrey White House bid began after the popular former talk show host gave a rousing speech at Sunday's Golden Globes, Democrats from various circles within the party cheered her on.

The FBI and Hillary Clinton: Restoring the Rule of Law

Andrew McCarthy, NRO
The Justice Department is reviving investigations involving Hillary Clinton's emails and the degree to which the State Department during Mrs. Clinton's tenure as secretary was put in the service of the Clinton Foundation. Good. Indeed, it is long overdue. It underscores a point we've tried to make repeatedly here: You don't need a special counsel for this kind of thing; such investigations are what we have a Justice Department full of career prosecutors for. The perverse institution of the independent prosecutor should be shunned whenever possible — and its jurisdiction tightly confined...

The Next Coup Attempt: Trump & His ‘Mental Health’

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Palmer has reason to doubt his intelligence agencies’ assurances of who was behind it, and it turns out the attack was orchestrated by a cabal of business and military leaders who want to launch a war for personal gain. The means by which Palmer is removed from office during the 4:00-5:00a hour on Day 2 is the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a portion of which reads: