Lawmakers renew immigration effort as a shutdown looms

WASHINGTON (AP) - Backed by the White House, Democratic and Republican lawmakers dug into a politically fraught search for compromise on immigration Wednesday, seeking to take advantage of a window of opportunity opened by President Donald Trump. They're under pressure to find a breakthrough before a deadline next week that ...

Issa Retirement Boosts Dems’ 2018 Prospects

Arkin & Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
California Rep. Darrell Issa, considered one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the 2018 midterms, announced Tuesday he would retire instead of seeking re-election. The news came just two days after fellow Californian and chairman of the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee Ed Royce declared his intention to retire from Congress. Together, the impending exits could provide a significant boon to Democrats, who had been eyeing the Southern California seats as ripe for the taking.

Political Advice for Oprah

David Axelrod, CNN
Oprah is a cultural icon; a familiar and revered brand so well-known and pervasive that she no longer needs a surname. She is brilliant, thoughtful and famously well-read, with a long history of activism. She has a great American story, enormous empathy and an extraordinary ability to communicate powerfully and authentically, as we saw during her speech at the Golden Globes

An Artistic Class Cowed by Political Correctness

Thomas Farnan, New York Observer
And that, right there, is the problem with America right now. We have an artistic class cowed by political correctness. They do not tread into forbidden areas when their peers say don’t go there. Wolff looked at Donald Trump and reported a manifest falsehood that only affirmed the prejudices of his peers: clinical senility. Trump is nothing but a frenzied beehive.

What the Men Didn’t Say at Golden Globes

Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic
The women of the 2018 Golden Globes collectively (almost) wore black. On the red carpet, many of them brought as their dates not husbands and partners, but activists for gender and racial equality. They talked about endemic sexual harassment in America and a sea change sparked by industry-shattering stories from The New York Times and The New Yorker about the abuse perpetrated for decades by Harvey Weinstein.

Working-Class Families Are Winning Big Under Trump

Justin Haskins, DC Examiner
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its newest jobs report on Friday, and the data clearly show, under the pro-business policies implemented by the Trump administration, low-income and working-class families are enjoying significant economic gains not experienced in nearly 20 years.

Black, Hispanic Unemployment Rates Don’t Deserve Applause

Gillian White, Atlantic
On Monday morning, President Trump tweeted that the unemployment rate for black Americans had reached the lowest on record, and that the rate for Hispanic Americans will soon reach a similar milestone. He effectively claimed credit for these improvements, writing, “Dems did nothing for you but get your vote!”

Trump seen stopping short of killing Iran nuclear deal

With Tehran and U.S. allies in Europe stepping up pressure to preserve the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord, President Trump appears poised to back away from a threat to pull America out of the deal, opting instead for new, albeit more targeted, sanctions against Iranian officials and entities.

Mr. Trump faces ...

Judge reaffirms Mick Mulvaney as acting Consumer Protection Bureau head

President Trump had the power to name his own acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a judge ruled Wednesday, delivering a legal victory to the administration in its battle to control one of the government's most powerful independent agencies.

The ruling reaffirmed Mr. Trump's pick, Mick Mulvaney, can ...

Supreme Court debates deletion of names off Ohio’s voter rolls

Supreme Court justices battled Wednesday over how to interpret the confusion surrounding a 1993 motor-voter law and what steps states need to take before ousting someone from their voter lists, as a national debate rages over how far states can go to clean up their rolls.

Ohio brought the case ...

Optimism rises for curtailing FISA in House showdown

A coalition of liberals and conservatives is increasingly optimistic they'll be able to curtail the government's chief foreign intelligence snooping law in a major showdown on the House floor Thursday.

GOP leaders and the intelligence community are fighting to preserve the government's flexibility to act under Section 702 of the ...