A Timeless Classic About a Tireless Mother

Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times
Mothers are lifetime cheerleaders, true believers, the ultimate homers. Mothers are also reality checks, truth-tellers, trash-talkers who always have the last word. Mary Margaret Plaschke finally reached an age where she has at last agreed to allow me to honor all mothers by celebrating her.


Alex Castellanos
Belonging is a drug and we are all addicted to it. When a “like” validates our social worth, or we ignore work to respond to our most recent email, we confirm our identity in a tribe. Our brains reward the recognition with a dopamine rush.

Sorry, There’s Not Going to Be Any ‘Blue Tidal Wave’ This Fall

Jared Whitley, The Hill
Each day, the impending electoral “blue tidal wave” gets upgraded on the Hawaiian scale of electoral wave strength. Every special election, no matter how small, is inflated to an epic scale that “spells disaster” for the president and the party he commandeered in 2016. Just one thing stands in the way of this electoral disaster of biblical proportions.

How Trump Can End the Standoff With Mueller

Peter Wallison, RealClearPolitics
The Mueller investigation of President Trump has reached an impasse. The special counsel wants to interview the president. The president’s lawyers -- well aware of cases in which prominent people have been convicted of perjury about their sworn statements instead of the crime for which they were being investigated — do not want him to testify.

‘SNL’ moms scold their kids over Trump coverage

The mothers of "Saturday Night Live" cast members joined their children onstage Saturday night, with many of them jokingly admonishing their famous offspring for the show's coverage of President Trump....

The Deep State Mob Targets Nunes

Julie Kelly, American Greatness
In an absurd tweet on Wednesday, Lawfare’s executive director suggested that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) should be replaced as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee:

Trump Enjoys the Best Week of His Presidency

Daniel Flynn, American Spectator
Donald Trump enjoys the best week of his presidency. His detractors, whose mood swings remain inversely proportional to the president’s popularity, suffered through a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.