For Sessions, Trump’s constant attacks may define his legacy

WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vigorously pushed President Donald Trump's agenda at the Justice Department, and before that, spent 20 years championing conservative causes in the Senate.

Yet as Sessions enters what may be the final stretch of his tenure, those efforts are at risk of being ...

Money comes, the money goes: The week in Florida politics

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida's 2018 midterm election is one of the most important in years. The governor's office and all three Cabinet seats are on the ballot, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is challenging three-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, several congressional seats will be competitive, and Floridians will vote ...

Obama Will Hurt, Not Help, Democrats in Midterms

Julie Kelly, American Greatness
Capping off a week where Senate Democrats embarrassed themselves at what should have been the semi-serious vetting of a Supreme Court justice, along comes our foot-stomping former president to remind Americans of who, ultimately, is responsible for infantilizing national politics.While lecturing college students assembled in an auditorium

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s wrong on economy and treason

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump inaccurately claimed the strongest economic record ever as he capped a week featuring varied misrepresentations from the White House and in hearings for his Supreme Court nominee.

A look at recent rhetoric and how it compares with the facts:


TRUMP: "The Economy is ...

For Whom the Climate Bell Tolls

Bradford DeLong, Project Syndicate
Those living large in temperate zones across the Global North might like to think that a warming planet is an inconvenient, costly, but ultimately manageable problem that need not affect their current standard of living. Yet, to believe that, one must be prepared to write off the rest of humanity.

‘Anonymous’ Is an American Hero

Norman Eisen, CNN
As the first (and, so far, last) "ethics czar" to advise a President and other senior officials on steering the moral helm of a new administration, my job included helping the White House navigate the question: What is the right thing to do? When the answer was obvious, my services were not needed. I was there for the gut-wrenching calls, when we were caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of law and ethics in foggy conditions.

Peak Oil: A Lesson in False Prophecy

Fred Singer, American Thinker
As recently as 10 years ago, we were told that the world was running out of oil soon. Horrors! Then, directional drilling and fracking opened up the prolific resource of “tight” oil shale. New production records are being set daily; the U.S. now leads the world in oil reserves, ahead even of Saudi Arabia.

China Is Losing the New Cold War

Minxin Pei, Project Syndicate
In contrast to the Soviet Union, China's leaders recognize that strong economic performance is essential to political legitimacy. Like the Soviet Union, however, they are paying through the nose for a few friends, gaining only limited benefits while becoming increasingly entrenched in an unsustainable arms race with the US.

When I Challenge the President, I Do It Directly

Nikki Haley, Washington Post
We have enough issues to deal with in the world, so it’s unfortunate to have to take time to write this, but I feel compelled to address the claims in the anonymous “resistance” op-ed published this week in the New York Times.

Swedes weigh choices before vote likely to boost far-right

STOCKHOLM (AP) - Swedish political candidates are making their final pitches to voters on the eve of a general election expected to see a far-right anti-immigrant party make historic gains.

The election on Sunday is the first since Sweden accepted 163,000 migrants in 2015, the largest number relative to the ...