Enough. Time for Mueller to Subpoena the President

Harry Litman, Washington Post
Even as special counsel Robert S. Mueller III marches forward with his prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and as the case that President Trump engaged in criminal conduct grows stronger, the president and his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani continue their tango about whether the president will deign to answer questions from Mueller’s team.

Texas lockup is epicenter of family immigration detention

DILLEY, Texas (AP) - A little boy with closely cropped hair was sitting quietly and grinning when he suddenly sprang to his feet and tried to swipe a brownie off a nearby tray. He couldn't quite reach it, though, instead sending crumbs and napkins in all directions and eliciting happy ...

Gun Control, Stronger Communities Will End Violence

J.B. Pritzker, Chicago Sun Times
Seventy-one people were shot this past weekend in Chicago. Twelve people lost their lives. The numbers are staggering, but they can never measure the futures lost and the devastation experienced by families left behind. It’s time to change that.

Soccer activist says political rhetoric stirs racist chants

LONDON (AP) - So much still frustrates the man at the forefront of eradicating discrimination from English soccer.

While teams are more diverse, there remains a distinct lack of black and ethnic minority coaches and executives in positions of power.

The atmosphere at matches is not as toxic as 25 ...

European corruption watchdog calls Macedonia ‘disappointing’

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) - Macedonia's performance on preventing corruption is "clearly disappointing," the Council of Europe's anti-corruption group has said, calling on authorities to take action.

A compliance report by the GRECO group Thursday noted Macedonia "made no substantial progress" in implementing recommendations made over four years ago on preventing ...

China Can End Trade War by Conceding Defeat to Trump

Xu Yimiao, SC Morning Post
Xu Yimiao writes that China is running out of retaliatory tariffs against the US and has watched other major parties like the EU and Japan close ranks against it. Before the trade war gets more severe, Beijing's leaders should seek direct talks with Trump, and may have to swallow their pride

Democrats Have Become What They Despise

Laura Hollis, RealClearPolitics
Earlier this week, Candace Owens, a young black conservative, was shouted out of a restaurant by a white crowd screaming obscenities and racial epithets at her and her dining companion, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk (who is white). The police had to be called, and the mob shouted obnoxious slurs at the officers as well.

Jordan, McCarthy and Trump: A Love Triangle

A.B. Stoddard, RealClearPolitics
President Trump is enjoying a fantasy he’s dubbed the “Red Wave,” while threatening to shut down the government days before the midterm elections. Throw in a trade war and it’s more than a headache for congressional Republicans facing steep headwinds on Nov. 6.

Will Jordan Bring Trump-Style Attitude to Speakership?

Julie Kelly, Am Greatness
During a campaign rally in suburban Columbus last Saturday, President Trump invited Rep. Jim Jordan to the stage. How great is he? Trump asked the crowd about the Ohio native. The packed school auditorium soon filled with chants, Speaker of the House! Speaker of the

Jimmy Kimmel grills Kanye West over support of Trump

ABC host Jimmy Kimmel grilled musician Kanye West over his support for President Trump on Thursday night after West urged trying "love" instead of hate for the president.West -- who stirred controversy earlier his...