A White House That Can’t Shoot Straight

Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report
The NBC News Political Unit's morning newsletter First Read on Thursday nailed it, noting, The last two days are a reminder that 2018 will be all about Trump: For those who thought the GOP's tax law or Democrats' message might be key parts of the 2018 midterm environment, the first days of the brand-new year have been an important reminder that 2018 will be all aboutâ??or mostly aboutâ??President Trump.

Donald Trump–the Grownup in the Room on Immigration

Roger Simon, PJ Media
Donald Trump gets called crazy a lot. Or infantile. Or senile. More than a bit of projection may be operative in these allegations, however. Watching Tuesday's televised discussion of immigration (video here) with Democratic and Republican congressional leaders, which the president opened to the media, it was hard not to come to an opposite conclusion.

Landowners fight effort to take land for Foxconn

MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis. (AP) - A dozen homeowners living near the Wisconsin site for a massive Foxconn Technology Group complex are going to court to try to stop efforts to forcibly take their land.

The property owners say the community where the plant is to be located is violating their ...

Dems Accuse GOP of Artificially Inflating Benefit of Tax Cuts

Democrats are accusing Republicans of pressuring the IRS to create "phantom windfalls" by withholding as little tax as possible to give a misleading picture of increased take-home pay from the GOP tax legislation, Politico reported on Wednesday.

David Perdue says DACA, budget will be addressed separately

Sen. David Perdue said Wednesday that DACA will not be tied to the budget deal, but is a top priority for lawmakers.

"Jan. 19 is about funding the government. That's another conversation entirely," Mr. Perdue, Georgia Republican, said on Fox News, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Congressional ...