Swamp Things in the Russia Investigation

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
The Swamp usually refers to the vast federal bureaucratic machinery of mostly unelected top officials who exercise influence and power without worry about the appearance of conflicts of interest. They are often exempt from the consequences of the laws and regulations that affect others.

Protests to Await Trump’s Visit to California Border

Rallies for and against Donald Trump's "big beautiful border wall" with Mexico are expected to mark his first visit to California as president amid growing tensions between his administration and the state over immigration enforcement.

GOP seeks to stave off big Dem upset

CANONSBURG, Pa. - Republicans are rushing to avoid a crushing defeat on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, where a Democrat looks poised to win an upset special election victory deep in Trump country six months before the midterm e...

Vulnerable Republican embraces Trump in NY

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R) is embracing President Trump's confrontational style as she seeks to hold on to a hotly contested New York district considered a toss-up race in this fall's midterm elections.